Why the name Golden Spike?
Because North Platte, Nebraska is where East meets West on Union Pacific’s rail line – just as East met West in Promontory Summit, Utah when the Transcontinental Railroad was built. Both the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific building from Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, California respectively met and drove the Golden Spike to open up the west.

How many visitors do you have?
On average, the Golden Spike Tower welcomes roughly 30,000 guests each year.  Guests from all counties in Nebraska, all 50 states and nearly 40 countries, annually.

Does the Golden Spike have an elevator?
Yes, the Golden Spike Tower has an elevator, if you would like to take the stairs to the seventh and eighth floor you’re more than welcome to!

Are you handicapped accessible?
Yes, we are handicapped accessible with parking spots, handicapped bathroom stalls, and an elevator to the 7th and 8th floor.

Can I bring outside food and beverages?
Yes, you can absolutely bring outside food and beverages in. We do however, ask that you do not bring alcoholic beverages in. We also have snacks and refreshments available in the gift shop for purchase.

Are you affiliated with Union Pacific?
The Golden Spike Tower is a private non-profit, overseen by a board of directors, with Union Pacific holding one position on our board.  Although we are not Union Pacific ran, we work very well with the managers and leaders of Union Pacific to provide the best experience possible.

How are you funded?
The Golden Spike Tower’s budget is based off of admissions, gift shop sales, grants and private donations.   We have also been granted 2% of each hotel stay in the North Platte area until 2029 to assist us with operating expenses and our building loan payment, through the USDA.

Are you pet friendly?
We understand our guests are travelling with their furry companions.  Friendly pets are welcome on a leash or in a carrier.   Dog bags are available for you to clean up after your pooches, after they stretch their legs in our courtyard.

Do you have a gift shop?
We absolutely have a gift shop! It is full of everything from coffee mugs to stuffed animals. We’ve got just about anything you can imagine for your inner train enthusiast!