The second area to view within the tower is 95ft in the air on our 8th floor. This floor is a 360 degree enclosure with a bird’s eye view of Bailey Yard. It is truly beautiful anytime of the year, whether the sun is shining on a hot July day or if the ground is covered in snow in the middle of January. Cozy up right next to the window and view the trains of Bailey Yard for as long as your heart desires. Also on the 8th floor will be one of our many amazing volunteers who join us here at the Tower to visit with you! The majority of them are retirees from Bailey Yard, and they are full of many facts and even more stories. We also have touch screen kiosks that allow you to navigate the yard and everything in it, so tap away! You can even put a quarter in our binoculars to view the action up close.

Also located in our 8th floor enclosure, we have many displays throughout. As you walk off the elevator, you will find a display and documentary on the Orphan Train story. Thousands of orphaned children traveled across the United States in search for their forever families, and had to move on to the next state via train if they were not chosen to go home with a family. You can find an entire page dedicated to the Orphan Train under “Explore The Tower” on our home page. We also have a timeline of Bailey Yard, a display on the setup of a dining car, Bailey Yard facts, and even more!

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our volunteers have decided to stay home and stay safe. However, we do have a handful of them still coming in, and we also have a video of our volunteers playing on loop. In this video, they tell you stories about their time on the yard and they explain to you what you see out the window!