When you walk in our front doors, you are happily greeted by our friendly staff and our abundant gift shop. Our entire first floor is filled with items for anyone to like… not just train related items! We have anything from kid’s games to women’s jewelry! But don’t worry, we still have those amazing train items for your inner rail fan and our lovely collection of souvenirs to commemorate your time with us here at the Golden Spike Tower. We also have many of our gift store items for sale online. Click the “Shop” button in the top right corner and you will be redirected to our online store. You can even smash a penny and make our model overhead train run throughout the gift shop!

Admission to venture up into the tower is as follows:

Adults $10.00, Seniors 62+ $8.00, Children 6-16 $6.00, Children 5 & under FREE

Also located on our first floor is our “Hall of Fame” filled with six people who were (and still are) incredibly influential to the Union Pacific Railroad and to Bailey Yard itself. Read each of their stories to immerse yourself in the history of these amazing people. The Hall of Fame is also home to many historical artifacts relating to Union Pacific and even some items relating to each of the people included in our display.