Take our elevator or climb the stairs up 83ft in the air to our 7th floor! On the indoor portion of this level, you will find a display on the North Platte Canteen. This is an incredibly important part of North Platte’s history, as the Canteen became home to over 6 million soldiers during the course of World War II. Even though the soldiers only stayed at the Canteen for about 15 minutes before their troop train had to move on, each of their lives were impacted greatly during their time in North Platte. You can view these displays at your leisure and even watch a movie about this incredible story!

On the outdoor portion of the 7th floor, you will find our observation deck. This is where you can completely immerse yourself into life as it is on the railroad with all the sights and sounds you can imagine. Look to your right and you can see the West Hump and all the cars that are being sorted onto trains that will take them to their final destination; look to your left to see the Diesel Repair Shop and watch cars roll down the East Hump! If you’re lucky, you can even hear the screeching of the rail cars as the retarders on the tracks slow the cars down during the hump process. Want to view the action up close? Just pop a quarter into our binoculars!