Story Time with Alli: C is for CornhuskerCurious George Takes a Train,The Little Engine that CouldThe Goodnight Train Rolls OnLittle Engines Can Do Big ThingsGoodnight Nebraska

Candy Train Game:  Learn how cars are processed or “humped” through Bailey Yard.

Supplies Needed: GoldenSpike – Candy Train Game and a bag of Skittles or M&Ms

Learn How


Alphabet Animals: Use this template to start your creativity in creating. Supplies needed: Crayons and  Alphabet Animals template.

Tissue Paper Train: Use this template to create your own tissue paper train. Supplies needed: Colored gift tissue paper, cotton balls, glue stick, and train outline. Here’s How!

Train Bag: Have fun creating your own train bag! Supplies needed: 1 paper bag, 1 construction paper rectangle, 2 construction paper circles, 1 construction paper smokestack (T shape), 1 large sticker of your choice, glue stick. Here’s How!


Freight Train: Learn the parts of a freight train here!

Letters to servicemen/women: For instructions on how to send, click here.

Bunny Candy Basket: Make your own basket to store Easter candy in! Supplies needed are: small styrofoam cup, black marker, pink marker, 1 sheet of white paper, scissors, tape or glue, and your choice of Easter candy. Here’s how!

Easter Egg Maracas: Make some beautiful music with your own maracas! You will need: two plastic spoons, one Easter egg, two pieces of duct tape, small handful of beads, rice, or popcorn.Here’s how!

Shadow Drawing: Try this super fun activity with the whole family! You will need: long sheet of white paper, ANY toys you want, and colored markers. Here’s how!


Plastic Fork Tulip: A new and fun way to paint tulips! Supplies needed: white piece of paper, green paint for the stem, any color paint for your flowers, cup of water, small paintbrush, plastic fork, paper plate to put paint on. Here’s how!


Soda Bottle Cherry Blossom: Show your love to the earth by making some beautiful cherry blossoms out of a recycled soda bottle! You will need: white sheet of paper, small paintbrush, 1″ paint brush, empty plastic soda bottle, pink paint, black paint, cup of water, paper plate to put paint on.


Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Celebrate Earth Day with this scavenger hunt!EARTH DAY SCAVENGER HUNT

Tissue Paper Window Art: Create some cool patterns with tissue paper and see how the sun shines through them! You will need: colored tissue paper, small dish of water, paper towel for cleanup. Here’s how!

Railroad Crossing Sign: Make your own RR Crossing sign to hang in your room! You will need: Yellow & black construction paper, glue stick, scissors, black marker. Here’s how!

Hobo Codes: Have fun creating your very own hobo codes! Here’s how!

Paper Plate Rainbow: Have fun making your own rainbow! You will need: Paper plate, multiple colored strips of paper, scissors, cotton balls, glue stick. Here’s how!

Paper Straw Tulip: Spring is here, and even though the flowers have yet to bloom, you can make your own! You will need: colored construction paper, scissors, hole punch, & paper straw. Here’s how!

Name Train: What’s more fun than a train with your name on it?! You will need: colored construction paper, black construction paper, glue stick, & string or pipe cleaner. Here’s how!

Hand Print Dinosaur: Head back to prehistoric times with a cute little dinosaur made from your hand print! You will need: Colored construction paper, scissors, pencil, black marker, & puff balls or buttons. Here’s how!

Grow-A-Rainbow: Watch your own rainbow grow right before your eyes! You will need: 1 paper towel, 2 small dishes of water, at least 5 different colored markers. Here’s how!

Conductor Hat: Everyone can be a train conductor with this fun project! You will need: scissors, colored felt or construction paper, 2 pipe cleaners, hole punch, & colored markers for decorating. Here’s how!

Paper Plate Fan: It’s getting closer to summer! Stay cool by making your own paper plate fan. You will need: 1 paper plate, 1 popsicle/stirring stick, scissors, tape, multi-colored markers. Here’s how!

“Describe Yourself” Name Acronym: Be kind to yourself today by writing nice words you would use to describe yourself, using your name! You will need: 1 sheet of paper, multi-colored markers, & your creative thinking! Stay tuned to see the “how to” later this week on our Facebook page!

Q-Tip Lilacs: Feel extra springy with this fun art project! You will need: 1 sheet of paper, small paintbrush, green & purple paint, small cluster of Q-Tips. Stay tuned to see the “how to” later this week on our Facebook page!

Paper Plate Snail: Make your own little pet snail using a paper plate! You will need: small paper plate, colored construction paper, scissors, colored markers, glue stick. Here’s how!

Handprint Flower: Here is a fun and unique way to make a flower! You will need: two different colors of construction paper, colored markers, scissors, and a glue stick. Stay tuned to see the “how to” later this week on our Facebook page!

Railroad Crossing Sign 2: We’ve made one type of RR Crossing sign, now it’s time to make another! You will need: white cardstock, scissors, glue stick, red & black marker. Stay tuned to see the “how to” later this week on our Facebook page!